Joshua Bynoe sends heartfelt letter

An Alumnus’ Heartfelt Letter

One of our awesome past students Joshua Bynoe graduated from Learning for Life in 2008 and he recently sent this heartfelt letter to School Director Julia Hanschell. We are posting it here because it’s a wonderful reminder of the work we have done here over the years at Lockerbie College (then L4L) and encouragement to continue changing the lives of our students, one by one, in the years to come. Have a read and be as touched as we were!

Yesterday I climbed to a peak in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa and for some reason, everything I learned from our talks and General Knowledge classes came to mind.

After sitting for about an hour and seriously pondering on how I unimaginably ended up traveling to 30 countries in 1.5-year time span, I thought to myself, “Wow! You, Joshua Bynoe, are an overachiever and your humility and conscious mind frame has taken you to higher heights and it all started with 4 very influential ladies who I have the world to thank for: my mother, Ju-fish, Katherine and Ms. Ward.”

Aunty Ju, I cannot thank you and Learning for Life enough for the tools I have utilized every single day. Note: I said Learning for Life, not Lockerbie, for what I learned was and will be for life. I never gave you the recognition you deserved but after reaching the pinnacle of that mountain you and the rest of Learning for Life will always be in the centre of my heart! ❤️️

P.S please read this to your students and make them realize the opportunity they have with such a stellar group of beautiful minded women. I love you and all of Learning for Life. I will never forget what you have done for me xxx

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