From the First Day you are Family

From the First Day you are Family

Get a glimpse of what your first day at Lockerbie College could be like by checking out this Mannequin challenge.

As can be seen in the video below, along with core subjects in Math, English and Sciences, we also offer courses in Taekwondo and Drama and other creative pursuits.

This video also proves that here at Lockerbie every student is welcomed and cherishes. Furthermore, when students transfer to Lockerbie College, our detailed admission process looks critically at each student’s proficiency levels across all subjects. Lockerbie College then creates a customised programme of study for each student, which takes him/her back to the individual levels of subject proficiency.

And as for the small classes in the video, here at Lockerbie College, we realise that no two students are the same. We look at each student in his or her own right and customise learning for him or her because the journey to individual success is what is important. We are a family here at Lockerbie and our student’s journey is one we consider our own to fulfil.

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Filmed by James Clarke
Edited by James Clarke and Camille Wiltshire
Directed and Coordinated by Camille Wiltshire
Creative Art Design and Graphics by Adrian Burnett
Starring Lockerbie students and staff in order of appearance:
Raine, Chynna, Beth, Dominic, Jacob, Jaydon, Gavin, Josh, Adrian, Daniel, Akshay, Shakur, Luca, Lorna, Kaoda, Cesar, Alec, Harrison, Sebastien, Zed, Caleb, Jaedon, Colton, Ben, Adam, Gerrin, Thane, Justin, Quinton, Felicia, Camille, Starlite, Noah.

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