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Private University Preparatory School

Become One of Our Smiling Parents
Our parents realise very quickly that a team approach is key to their child feeling valued. We celebrate the unique individuality of your child. When we become involved in helping them reach their academic and personal potential, their lives begin to change. Together, as a team, parents and tutors provide the structure and compassion to ensure each child learns and grows into a young adult who has found meaning and satisfaction at school.  
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Be A Student Whose Dreams Become a Reality
We know that learning is best achieved when it is exciting and challenging. Helping students to explore their world with confidence and creativity make all the difference in both attitude and achievement. We encourage big dreams and support each student on his or her personal journey so that their dreams become reality.

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Be Our Guest for A Day
Leave traditional education behind for one day and experience the excitement of contemporary learning. Small classes, personal attention, inspiring tutors and a technology rich classroom will open your eyes to a school which teaches in a way you've always wanted to learn. Email to schedule a complementary audit day.

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