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Cambridge International A Levels


Lockerbie College is Barbados’ first private Sixth Form school offering Cambridge International A Levels

The Cambridge International AS Level is a one year program of study, and the Cambridge International  A  Level  is a  two  year  program  of  study.  Subjects may be taken at AS (Year 1) level or as a part of  a progression to A Level in year two.

Examinations may be taken in May/June or October/November. Some examinations are only offered in one of those sittings.

Some subjects are only offered to AS (Year 1) level.

Students generally choose to study three (3) AS/A Levels combinations of subjects. Choices are open and students are at liberty to choose from those that the school offers. Some subjects require pre-requisite CXC passes (which ensure a prior knowledge foundation) and Lockerbie College recommends, in some cases, pre-requisite passing grades and/or competency levels in core subjects.

For students with strong time-management and academic skills, a fourth subject may be taken as an extra course either to AS (1 year completion) or A Level (2 year completion).

Most of the subjects offered require prior knowledge at O Level (UK) or CXC level. (http://www.cxc.org).

At Lockerbie College each subject is scheduled for six (6) hours tutoring per week. An additional six (6) hours each week is expected in independent study for each subject. Students also attend classes in Communications (Focusing on pre-university research and writing skills), Creative and Critical Thinking and Career Coaching. Students who would benefit from additional tutor input in order to access the curriculum with higher proficiency are timetabled with Support classes.

Cambridge  International  A  Levels  are  university  requirements  on  par  with CAPE  and  Associate Degree programs of study.  Attending Lockerbie College for A Levels is an excellent choice if a student would benefit from small tuition groups, close communication with tutors and an experiential, image-rich and connected classroom, as well as, a highly structured learning environment.