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Who Does Lockerbie Accept

  • Lockerbie College accepts students from the ages of 8 to 18 and can accommodate them from Class 3 through Form 6 (UK/Caribbean curricula) or Grade 3 through Grade 12 (US/Canadian curricula).
  • The applicant’s cognitive ability must fall into at least the average range because our programs require the student to progress through the National Curriculum, as specified by the Ministry of Education, Barbados.
  • Lockerbie College will easily integrate students with a primary diagnosis of a language based learning disability (such as Dyslexia).
  • Lockerbie College is a safe and inclusive space. We admit students of any race, colour, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual or gender orientation and with a disability that can be reasonably accommodated by the school. Every child, parent and teacher is welcomed and nurtured here.

The Rationale to our Admissions Process

At Lockerbie each applicant is assessed on an individual basis through a series of interviews. Our application process isn’t tedious, but it is rigorous. We assess everything from how well your child integrates socially, to his or her ability to collaborate in the student-driven learning environment we offer.

We need to learn about the kind of person they are. How best they like to learn, the kind of challenges they may be facing and how we can structure solutions to help them learn more effectively and progress academically to fulfil their dreams. It’s all about the journey they will embark on with us and how we can help them succeed.

All of this allows us to design a completely unique curriculum path that builds on their natural and evident strengths and provide solutions to scaffold any weak areas.

How Does our Admission Process Work?

Step 1: The Call

Give us a call at 1(246) 435-3069 or email studentservices@lockerbiecollege.com. Arrange a time to tour the school or set up an introductory meeting. Someone will be there who can answer your early inquiries. General inquiries can also be submitted via this Contact Form.

Step 2: Interview One

This first interview is about our parents. All your questions will be answered in detail so bring a pad and paper, scribble some notes, or use your phone or tablet to record the conversation and help us understand your best hopes for your child.

Step 3: Audit Day

If after the initial interview the school and the parents agree that Lockerbie is an enlightened choice, we invite the applicant to spend two full days at the school, auditing classes. This helps us both for several reasons:

  1. It allows each applicant a chance to immerse him/herself in the Lockerbie experience seeing if its a good fit for them. We appoint them a student buddy for their audit period. These ‘buddies’ are all kids who have been in that position before. They take their responsibilities seriously, are kind and considerate. In these scenarios friendships form quickly, as nobody is abandoned to fend alone.
  2. It provides our tutors a chance to observe the applicant within a peer group as well as within academic levels so that they can gauge proficiency levels and how the applicant responds within the new dynamic of a startlingly different classroom setting.
  3. It gives us a chance to highlight any areas which may need further investigation, assessment or accommodation

What is an Audit day at Lockerbie College like?

It’s a day like no other for the student who has only experienced a traditional classroom and large classes.

He or she will experience the magic and wonder that Lockerbie College has to offer first hand. Once you’ve been captured by the spirit of what we’re building here and can see yourself accomplishing your full potential within our family, the rest is simple.

“The teachers taught me more than just the work that was necessary; they were caring, understanding and encouraged me to be the very best I could be. They were hard when they needed to be, but always very professional.”

– Angelica