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Perhaps the most important work we do is to help our students broaden their perspectives and embrace big dreams that can stir their souls. We set them on the road of their future with the tools they will need to navigate the obstacles that will surely fall in their path. It is always the journey that matters and once the dream is nourished, the obstacles can be embraced as lessons from which the traveller can learn and grow. The philosophy that guides our teachers in their classrooms is the same that accompanies our students when they leave us. We help our students go where they never thought possible!


Fulfilling potential is why we're here and this takes considerable and committed input. Through getting to know our students well and guiding them as they discover their strengths, the journey after school becomes less hazy and they become less anxious and more confident as learners. There is no right or wrong path in life as the varied destinations of our Alumni show. There is wonder in all paths and no two are the same; what is right for one person may not be for another. Leading our students towards their independence starts from the time we meet, when we see them as individuals and recognise the unique wonder that is within each one.


Lockerbie Alumni are risk-takers and go-getters. Their lives are proof that Lockerbie Creates Change.

Jaimee Cox

Western University, Ontario, CA


Jaimee discovered, during her two year Cambridge International A Level Programme in Physics, Mathematics, Geography and Business Studies, that her passion was Statistics. She is now on her way at Western University in Canada to graduate as an Actuary.

Josh Bynoe

World Traveller

Leaving Lockerbie College with  his CXCs was only the beginning of what has become an extraordinary life! After pursuing an Associate Degree in Hospitality at the Barbados Community College, with a stint in Disneyland Fl., Josh enrolled in the University of the West Indies and is proud to say he made one of the best decisions of his life, and dropped out! Four years later, Josh travels the world as a member of a mega-yacht's crew having visited over 40 countries in the past three years and earned himself several promotions. Josh readily admits to signing up regularly for professional development courses while on breaks so that he continues to learn across many areas thereby enhancing his skillset and his value as a professional. His journey has not been an academic one, but it sure has been successful. "Potential" has many roads and just as many outcomes and Josh is living his with confidence and pride.





Darion Sutherland

Finding his Passion

Darion joined Lockerbie College at the beginning of his Form 5 year - not the ideal time to switch schools with CXCs just months away. Joining us with strengths in technical subjects like Woodwork, Darion took a chance and joined the school on a field trip to hear Brad Sugars, the self-made multi-millionaire,  speak at the Barbados leg of 'The Billionaire Tour'. Darion's life was instantly changed forever, leading him down a journey exploring business and economics and attending more conferences held internationally. Now taking a gap year, Darion is replanning his life and deciding on his next steps, but without a doubt, here is an entrepreneur, passionate about the world of his future and the contribution he is committed to making within it.