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Lockerbie College is able to provide a wide range of regional and international education options. We are perfectly positioned to meet different needs: from the student looking to improve their grades and be college-ready, to the  expatriate or short-term visitor to the island who wants their child kept abreast of Canadian, American or European school systems. We are the obvious solution in this type of scenario – we offer a wide array of subjects all backed by our specialised approach which always focuses on student-driven success.

We are the only school in Barbados which teaches foreign curricula or supports online learning programmes. With the exception of one school offering the International Baccalaureate, Barbadian schools offer the Barbados National Curriculum only.
Lockerbie College recognises the need to provide tutoring for students on foreign curricula. To date the school has supported students completing online programmes from Canada, the U.S.A. and France. The support tutoring we have provided has allowed visiting students to achieve the course completions required for re-entry, or the final scores necessary for university applications.

Some students enrolled in the IB programme in Barbados are faced with returning to the State school system when their parents return home after their contract in Barbados is ended. Rather than continuing at an IB school for the final year, Lockerbie College customises a programme specifically for these students.
We discuss with parents where their child is likely to be enrolled next and then we look at the curriculum at grade level which the child will be expected to enter. With this information we tailor a program which targets the information and knowledge required for the year level below, so that foundational knowledge and the skill-set expected upon arrival is up to date. This makes returning home less complicated. 

We are currently teaching American students their State curriculum for reintegration in September 2016.

Our 2015 Graduation Class included Emilie whose Grade 12 online learning we supported for successful entry to the University of Toronto. Manon was taught the 2e Stage French curriculum for entry to College on her return to France. Manon’s brothers were also taught the 3e and 6e Stages of their curricula. .

“We are writing to express our profound appreciation for the work you and your teachers did with our children this year. We had a magnificent year here in Barbados. The most critical component to the success of our year abroad was your school. There is so much that a parent needs to think about when relocating a family for a year to another country; the school situation for one’s children is among the highest priorities. Without that piece of the puzzle in place, little else matters.

As academics ourselves, we value that kind of success. But we also place a premium on ethical behaviour and cultivation of responsibility. We loved that you held the students to appropriate social behaviour, that the way they dressed to go to school mattered, that the way they spoke to their teachers counted—and that all of this was discussed openly with students and parents at your school. “