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The Whole Child

Lockerbie College accepts students from ages 8 through 18.

Students in this age range in mainstream Barbadian schools work at ‘year level’, which is based on age. They follow the Barbados National Curriculum and on passing an end of year exam are ‘promoted’. Without passing grades, many students are expected to repeat the year. This may happen several times. When a child ‘stops down’ social and emotional consequences compound a failure to achieve academically creating a destructive cycle. 

Lockerbie College was created in 2005 because these archaic educational practices were seen as a tiresome treadmill. The students who couldn’t keep the pace were victimised, and their self confidence chewed up.

The real victims? Children who need a different environment in order to learn and plan for the world of their future. Children who are have difficulty learning in the old-fashioned rote environment of note taking and parroting. 

Lockerbie College is completely revolutionary. We switch off that treadmill and go back to the source. We teach children at personal proficiency levels – we take them back to the trouble areas, reinforce the foundation, reinvigorate a passion for the learning, discover areas of greatest interest and provide an environment in which any child will catapult forward.

“When I first moved to the island of Barbados, I didn’t think about how different the schooling system would be. Growing up in the United States, I thought that I had received a pretty decent education. But almost immediately I knew that I was wrong. The Barbados system was much different, and a whole year ahead of what I had learned back home. I was struggling in the sciences; so much so, that my parents signed me up for lessons at Learning for Life. By taking lessons almost every day using the Study Buddy Program, I went from a struggling newcomer, to an elected prefect! By the time CXC’s came, I was more prepared than I could have ever hoped for and it’s all thanks to Learning for Life.”

 – Serwa Aboagye
lockerbie teaches science