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Your Investment

"If you think education is expensive, try the cost of ignorance." (Derek Bok)

What do you think actually makes the difference for our children, in this new millennium, where we cannot predict the opportunities of tomorrow's world? What we do know is that change is more rapid than ever before and that while education is a matter of law, investing in your child's future is like a gift; a matter of choice. Education prepares students for exams; learning prepares students for the world of their future.

We can no long afford the luxury of complacency, or even trust in what worked before. Education has always been intended to be meaningful and relevant; now learning can only be relevant if it is multi-dimensional, instinctive and creative as well. Most importantly, your investment must be value for money, based on the criteria that must be in place to give your child the best opportunity to meet potential and global expectations. This begs the question: are all schools created equal?

Have a look at the chart which you can download from this page. It is a comparative table of the value students receive at different schools for your investment and what you will receive for the sacrifices you make. At Lockerbie College, very small class sizes have been proven to impact exponential progress, as does taking the pressure off of promotional exams and focusing on real growth and targeted support for rapid and positive learning outcomes. The comparative chart will create more questions than it answers, so give us a call to discuss the benefits of your investment.