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Who We Are

Lockerbie College is the only private primary through sixth form school in Barbados. We provide a multi-dimensional learning environment and have invested in specialised resources, interactive equipment and, most importantly, our staff. This approach means that every single student is offered the absolute best opportunity to succeed, no matter what needs they may have.
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What We Do

Lockerbie College offers the complete Barbados National Curriculum and customises it to the needs of our students. Every student is provided with a completely custom tailored educational experience. We don't just think about what students have to do, we think about what they want to do. If you want a subject integrated into your timetable, just ask! We are able to offer almost any subject and any combination.
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How We Do It

Lockerbie College only works with the best teachers. Our tutors are qualified, experienced and approach curriculum with enthusiasm and originality. Classes are highly structured, interactive and innovative. Our students are motivated because they are set up to succeed through customised lessons that appeal to their interests and strengths. Our teachers help each student reach his or her own academic potential.